Green Hat Diner



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Available on 9/25/2020
Jade Chloros is suffering a great loss; the loss of her father. A coping mechanism for Jade and her mother are their strong religious beliefs; however, Jade has felt too much pain to believe that God will help her. Jade begins to rebel against herself and her religion. One night, after a bath, Jade finds herself in an empty grass field with the only thing in sight being a 24 hour diner: The Green Hat Diner. After Jade enters the diner to use their phone to call her mother, Ariel, the diner’s outgoing waitress, tries everything she can to convince Jade to not go home. As the night goes on, the diner becomes more eerie, and Ariel becomes more sinister. It is clear to Jade that this is not a typical 24/7 diner. Jade tries everything she can to escape, but she comes to realize that it may not be possible.


Directed by Zoe Alexandra
Olivia M. Busby

Written by Zoe Alexandra
Olivia M. Busby
Anthony Yoder

Produced by Zoe Alexandra

Cast Jordan Beltz
Alysia Vastardis