Mark of the Rougarou



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Available on 9/25/2020
Some family secrets are meant to stay hidden
This is a story about the search for identity. With the lead character growing up in foster care and trying to find the missing puzzle piece of where she comes from. With the help of modern technology and DNA testing she is able to make a connection with a biological relative, who invites her and her friends down to Louisiana. However with this new connection comes an old family secret tied to an urban legend that has been around for centuries. One that was suppose to stay hidden from her. It makes you wonder if you really want to know your real family, perhaps you were never meant to.


Directed by Erica Duke

Written by Erica Duke

Production Company Wave of the Wand Productions

Produced by Erica Duke
Ambar Capoor
Mariangela Pagan
Iain Mclean

Cast Erica Duke
Liston Spence
Mariangela Pagan
Duane Whitaker
Robbi Morgan
Patrick McLain
Kalpana Pot
Marcus T Thomas
Cortney Scott Wright
Randall Barnett
Travis Stolp
Travanti Waller
Aaron Bowden
Candido Cornejo Jr.
Lucas Turner.