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Available on 9/25/2020
Angelica, an offbeat, novice teenage witch has a crush on a beautiful, popular, model-type named Eve. However, the odds are not in Angelica's favor because Eve has a boyfriend. In order to win Eve's affection, Angelica decides to haphazardly concoct a love potion that she believes will earn her Eve's heart in one sip. Unfortunately, because Angelica is a brand new witch, she messes up the recipe which causes her whole plan to turn upside down. In one night, Angelica must turn to... other...darker... methods to "get the girl."


Directed by Jordan Pfeifer

Written by Jordan Pfeifer

Produced by Anastasia Zavodnick
Giselle Omar

Cast Mallory Higgins
Bianca Dovarro
Billy Gould